Mold Damage Cleanup Belllingham, WA

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What is mold?

Mold contamination continues to receive increased attention in the media and is rapidly growing concern for residential home owners, property managers, insurance providers and restoration companies. Without proper mitigation of a water loss, molds can start to grow in a little as 48 hours.

We have probably all encountered mold at one time or another. Mold is a microscopic life form found in all parts of the world. Fungi are the natural recycling plants in nature, breaking down an array of organic materials. It is part of the natural decay process of organic materials such as trees, leaves, branches, grasses, etc… There are five types of fungi: mold, mildew, mushrooms, slimes and rusts.

What it can do to your home

If left untreated, mold (as it, naturally, plays a significant role in breaking down organic materials) will spead throughout your Bellingham home or business, and lead to the destruction of building materials such as drywall, wood, plaster, and even masonry. As with most life, it has an exponential growth rate and can spread throughout single rooms or even your entire residence or business. Almost all mold reproduces by spores travelling through the air, so the impact on your family`s health is larger, the more mold presence is detected.

Damage from mold (fungi), moisture, humidity and water will compromise the structural integrity of your home, weakening floors, walls and ceilings. In addition, it creates severe health hazards. Affected homeowners or property managers must take urgent steps towards mold removal. The longer the contamination process lasts, the greater the potential for mold or bacteria growth.

What you can do about it

We at ServiceMaster would love to have the opportunity to serve you and your family. Our services are performed by trained team members, IICRC certified technicians, and mold remediation experts. They can stop in for a free visual inspection and consultation, and walk you through the steps of ridding your Bellingham home from mold once and for all.